Thursday, 25 July 2013


It has taken a while to get the new site working, but you can now shop on line. As with life in general there are guaranteed to be a few glitches at the beginning and the name pictures still have to be ordered directly from us, but then,  as they are something personal and they are all different it makes sense to be in contact we can then find out exactly what you would like.


Please let us know what you think and any suggestions......................more soon

Saturday, 20 July 2013

coming soon........ 'juliabostonkids' new shiny website

The new Julia Boston Kids website should be live next week, moving to on line selling has proved a somewhat character forming experience and has taken us rather longer than we had hoped.

It will still be very much possible to come and see us in the King's Road, chose what you like and take it home with you. But, not everyone is in London and shopping at midnight or on a Sunday can be fun, you will now be able to do this once the go faster shiny new site is finished.

All the old characters will be there and some new ones.

We now have new and colourful 'Alphabets' for kids that come in two sizes.

The name pictures are hanging in bedrooms all over the world, what started as an idea as presents for friends has grown. They started with only mice, now they come with a multitude of creatures and in three sizes and in all the colours of the rainbow.

We think that what we do is unique and that it has a charm that brings a little of the old fashioned nursery into modern day life.